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Hi there Nosey Reader!

Thank you for stopping by this page.  I know you may be wondering who in the flapjacks is Tristan Vali, the blogger.  So I am going to sit down with myself and interview myself.

  • Who is Tristan Vali?

Tristan is a pen-name as this is to protect my identity.  I mean the topics we discuss on the blog can be racy, controversial, and outside of the mainstream.

  • Why did you use the word “we?”

No, I am not French (Oui!).  There is another blogger who helps with the site.  His name is Charles B. Richards (another pen name).   You can find out more about him HERE if you like.

  • What is this blog about and why do I need to care?

This blog is written for men (particularly for monogamous older married men although young married men are welcome too!) who struggle in their sex life either from the stigma of penis size, erectile dysfunction, or sexual performance. Now I am not naive to think that single men or single women may also come to this blog.  While I will not censor at all, I would like you to know where our focus is.

  • I saw your profile on Twitter and you profess to be a Christian?  Why are you writing posts about private parts?

A fair question.  I am the curious type and as a Christian, there is a stigma about talking about men’s sexual health, sexual challenges, and size concerns.  This is rarely talked about (although with excellent sites/blogs such as The Marriage Bed, Married Christian Sex, and others are making headway to make the subject less taboo).  I want to do my part to contribute to the narrative and make you think especially with sexual myths such as this one HERE.

  • Are you trying to sell me anything on this blog?

Another fair question.  While Charles B. Richards does offer a program for men who would like to explore the subject of male enhancement, we will offer suggested products that we have tested ourselves (in the form of affiliate links).  You can choose to take advantage of the suggestions if you like.


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