Older Men, Here Is The Missing Link That Will Make You LOVE Cardio…

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Hey There Grizzly Bears,

I am sure you have seen a lot of articles, blog posts, and commercials talking about the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction for us as older men.  My own story is that I would get ready to jump on my wife’s bones only to find out that my penis was not ready.  It was all…


While the consumer industry will tell you there is a pill to solve this issue, there is one link missing from this chain of information that is simple to apply however hard (pun intended) to keep up with.

Do you want harder erections with your wife before you make love to her?

Then commit to doing…aerobic exercise.


Yes, I know…you would rather shave a yak than to pull your carcasses out of a warm bed in the morning to do cardio.

The research is compelling how the link between cardio and erections is hard (pun again) to refute.

You can do something as simple as walking to reap the benefits as found in this study HERE.

My personal favorites are Tabata or HIIT because they allow me to get my cardio in without sucking up my valuable time.  I opt for low-impact because I can still get the aerobic benefits without the dangers of getting injured.

Still not convinced?

Here are testimonials from a men’s forum who have noticed how cardio helped improved their erections:

– “…a few weeks ago, i decided to start a cardio routine to help my circulatory system – and enhance my erections. i got the idea because i started getting firmer erections and better sexual performance when i’d shoot some hoops right after lifting weights.”

– “Since last year, I’ve been running longer distances. Each Sunday, I run between 12 and 15 km. When I come home and take my shower after that, my [penis] looks the same way it did when I was 10! That’s for the immediate effect. Doing cardio improves your overall blood circulation and I find that my erections are much firmer when I have time to exercise my cardio regularly. ”

The takeaway…Run, Forest, Run for better erection quality!


What cardio do you currently do each week (besides sex, of course)?  Post your comments below.

P.S. Here is my favorite Youtuber for all thing low-impact.  Check out his channel HERE.


Photo courtesy: Fit Bottomed Girls




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