Life Is More Than…Sex?!

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Hey Men,

Yes, I said it.  Life IS more than sex.

I even cringe when I type that.  Hear me out before you send the villagers after me with the torches.

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Let me be the first to tell you that I am sensual…I’m talking about I think about sex daily and can be called (comfortably I might add) a ‘sex geek.’  The way God designed sex is fascinating and intoxicating.  If I had the choice, I would have sex multiple times in a week in different positions without any inhibitions in our marriage bed.

No, I am not talking about cuckolding or threesome, I am talking about getting rid of sexual limitations in our thinking that is holding back the flavorful bliss.

However, there is this funny thing that happens.  I’m sure you have heard of it…what’s that name again? Oh yeah…Reality.  Reality kicks in and you realize that life will hit you harder than a flaming steamroller strapped with two tons of explosives.


Life Reality…(er…Lifereaility?) examples that come up in your life:

  • Your spouse is ill so the weekly sex romps have come to a halt.
  • Your spouse is stressed about getting a job and this is all they think about.  Pffft.  Sex.  What’s that?
  • Your spouse is not into anything you like to try (e.g. bondage, oral sex, spanking). You would have a better time braiding the neck hair of a giraffe than to get them to move toward adventure.

Suddenly you start to have your pity party and you are the only one invited.  The doubts crept in:

  • “Am I attractive or handsome enough?”
  • “Is my body still sexy?”
  • “Why, Lord, did you allow me to marry a spouse with such a low sex drive?”
  • “Would it be wrong if I get a job far away so I don’t have to deal with the pain of wanting them every day sexually?”

All these crazy thoughts assault your brain. This is the moment where God will speak to you and tell you that He is enough.  Focus on Him and work on improving yourself.  You will realize that you are not responsible for changing your spouse only loving them and honoring their choices.  No one likes to be forced.

Is this transition hard?  Absolutely.  The same pain of getting your back waxed (not like I know what that feels like because I’m hairless on my back).  You begin to learn to love yourself and to allow your sexual feelings to rise up without pouting if they are not met by your spouse.  You give the feelings over to God because He always knows what is best.

Once you reach this place, you can finally say without cringing…”Life is more than sex.”

What about you?  Do you agree with what I wrote or is there more to this subject?

Comment below if you like.

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