Myth-Smasher: The Well-Endowed Black Man (Part 3)

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Welcome to the final post in this Myth Cutter.

Your roving investigator will end this series by analyzing the Golden calf that many people on the Internet will cite as proof that Black men are well-endowed.

I present to you…The Congo!




No, not that Congo.  You know…the famous Congo info-graphic that shows all the penis sizes in the world and that the area of Congo has residents that are well-endowed.

We will deal with 2015 Mandatory info-graphic.  You can find the graph below.


If data is on an infographic, it has to be true, right?


Read what journalist Aja Romano of the Daily Dot has to say about the graph:

“The attempt to generate a cross-section of global penis size involves looking at numerous previous infographics and surveys. But when we look closer, most of the, erm, hard evidence used to generate this and other global size charts turns out to be utter bollocks.

Most of the data used to generate “global” statistics about size comes from faulty or unreliable reporting. In many instances, the sources Mandatory and other websites used to generate statistics about international dick size relied on self-reporting or estimates given by men about the sizes of their own penis. In scientific studies, self-reporting is extremely unreliable, even when you’re not reporting something as highly fraught as penis size. Some studies have even shown that men perceive their own penises to be smaller than they actually are.

And there’s an even bigger problem. (Sorry.) Many of the research studies in the field have been built off the inherently flawed racist work of a researcher named J. Philippe Rushton. Rushton, whose theories flourished during the ’80s, created a line of research to justify his belief that various cultures evolved to prioritize various systems of reproduction. He argued that Asian cultures evolved small penises because the cultures emphasized smaller families and higher intelligence, while boorish African cultures evolved larger penises in order to emphasize rapid reproduction rates and low intelligence rates.

Not only is this theory an obviously false stereotype, but it’s based on flawed research. In order to find arguments for his racist theories, Rushton cited everything from decades-old obsolete research to issues of Penthouse magazine. But as appalling as this might seem, his research has been built on and added to as recently as 2012, in a roundly criticized study from researcher Richard Lynn that used irrelevant studies on rats to argue that testosterone levels differed for men around the globe.

In both the Rushton and Lynn research, the happy middle between “most evolved” and “least evolved” was, of course, European and American societies. Psychology Today, in roundly criticizing both Rushton and the new theory, dubbed this the “Goldilocks Effect,” because of the way it positions white culture as the perfect medium between two extremes. How convenient.

One thing the Mandatory chart does make clear, apart from perpetuating racist myths about size, is that the global average really is smaller than most men think. One study, which lasted 60 years and included results from more than 50 international research efforts, concluded that the average penis size, regardless of country of origin, is 4.7 to 5.1 inches.Proper self-measurements are taken from the tip of the penis to the base of the shaft. A quick glance at the popular Tumblr measureyourcock, dedicated to self-measurements, shows that most penises submitted fall into the average five-inch category.So, for the record, all the racist jokes you’ve ever heard about penis size are still false and degrading stereotypes.” – Source

There you have it.  I could have stretched this post (see what I did there) to more than 3 yet I will end here.  My sincere hope that we will finally kill this myth and that we as men will stop comparing ourselves to others.  Instead, focus on being the best you that you can be.


What did you think of this series? Post your comments below.

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