5 Questions with Kimberly Wylie


Have you ever had a burning question yet did not know what source to ask?

Since I am the curious sort, I had questions about the subject of male enhancement.  Let’s face it…The reputation of male enhancement has a checkered past.

Plus, since we men seem obsessed with size, I wanted a woman’s perspective because we can be biased.

Let me introduce you to Kimberly Wylie of PEGym.com  (PEGym is the forerunner in all things male enhancement and sexual improvement.)

Kim works with Semprove, the owners of PEGym and I knew she would be a perfect choice.

I asked her 5 questions to see if I can find out answers to my questions.

1. How did you get involved with the Male Enhancement Industry?

I first got involved in the male enhancement industry, and
PEGym.com, by editing the top-selling book – Exercising the Penis. It was during this process that I learned how feelings of inferiority in the bedroom really negatively impacted men – not only in their sexual relationships but how this insecurity even extended into all other areas of their lives. When I was asked to become more involved in PEGym, and I realized I had the opportunity to really positively impact thousands of lives, I jumped at the opportunity.

2. Why do you think men are so concerned about their size in the bedroom?

Men aren’t just concerned about their size in the bedroom – their concerned about their size, in general. It’s the same reason why people are concerned about their weight or women are concerned about breast size. We’re creatures driven to be the best we can be. If we feel that any aspect of our being, especially a physical aspect, is lacking, we want to change it. Being comfortable in your own skin – happy with who you are physical – is critical to maintaining a stable, happy relationship.

3.  I am sure you are familiar with the saying “It’s not the size that counts yet the motion in the ocean.”  Since you are in this industry, do you think there is truth to that?

Physically, a large penis isn’t necessary to have a sexually satisfying relationship. Lesbians around the world will verify that.  In fact, I’ve said it numerous times on our forums that although a larger penis can make some positions easier and/or feasible, having a large penis does NOT equal being a great lover. I think the myth that you have to be HUGE to really satisfy a woman is simply because most men don’t understand female anatomy. I’ve written a couple of great articles (A Little About Female Anatomy: AKA How Big is the Vagina? and Where is the G-Spot?)  to help men learn a little more why even an average-sized penis, when used properly, is more than adequate.

4. How would you answer the skeptic who thinks that penis exercises do not work or cause more harm than good?

First, I would direct them to our forums on PEGym.com. We’ve had tens of thousands of men share their success stories. Penis exercises definitely work – whether men are looking to increase their length and/or girth, increase their sexual stamina, improve erection quality, or any other sexual health improvement – there are exercises that can help men reach their goals naturally – without pills; without surgery. Regarding doing more harm than good, penis exercises are similar to traditional exercises in that there’s always the risk of injury. However, when done properly men can avoid this risk.

5. Do you think penis enhancement will ever go mainstream or will continue to be more underground?

I think there will always be some stigma attached to penis enhancement. Not because people don’t understand it. I know when I talk to family and friends about my involvement with PEGym.com, they get it. They understand that it’s about self-improvement and self-actualization. However, we’re talking about the most private physical part of a man’s anatomy – the one part that symbolizes his masculinity. For that reason, I don’t ever see a time where men openly post on social media about their male enhancement journey – so I think it’ll always be more underground.

Thank you, Kim, for opening my eyes and helping answer questions that I had.

What did you think of her answers?  Agree or disagree?  Post your comments below.


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